garments and conversations for self-defined life

kind regards was founded on the belief that work extends far beyond the professional - life is work and it’s ever-evolving. We champion self-definition as a method for navigating the day-to-day, and this inspires our approach to design and documentation.

the (jump)suit 02 is polished comfort

Blending elements of utilitarian and classic workwear, our jumpsuit-suit hybrid is a relaxed rendition of a daily uniform. With a softly curved silhouette and signature peplum-up, peplum-down versatility, it can be worn in any context.

the fluid wool top is easy elegance

Inspired by the West African art of wrapping loose fabrics to unearth multiple garments, the fluid wool top evolves into 4 different positions. With its gentle stretch and soft touch, it adapts to your body with ease.

exploring the many different ways we live and work

Self-definition is the journey of living, working and existing on your own terms. Of finding ways of being and thinking that support you and your community, even if out of the ordinary. Through our newsletter, we document how people from all walks of life are honouring their individuality.