Defined by self-definition.

Money-making work, emotional work, parental work, creative work, political work, house work, inner work. It's all work. Work that is equally interesting and equally worthy of celebration.

Kind Regards opts out of limiting ideas of success and professionalism, and replaces it with one with simple idea: self-definition.

To self-define, as individuals, as working people, as a business, is no small feat. It requires us, you, to ask more questions. Usually ones that start with "why".

We were born out of a question: why is the conversation around "work" and "women" so narrow? When each of those things - work and women - are imbued with more nuance than the listicles allow for?

You can read the letter here.

100,000 views, and 2 years of trial and error later, we made it to soft launch.

Clothes and conversations for self-defined (working) women.

Quarterly cycles, driven by demand.

Without autonomy, we have nothing. The freedom to define our days, time, products, and thoughts is key. We don't do the "done" thing, we do what works for us.

Speed at-all-costs gives us no time to think. To differentiate. So we walk, run, sprint, and then walk again. Creativity and growth happens in the space in between, and if we don't create that space, we'll struggle to create something of real artistic and cultural value.

The majority of art exists in the world of appearances. Shallow, quick, entertaining. "Move fast and make it sexy" is the playbook of today, and we resist this. And go beneath the surface with all that we do. (Or at least we try to)

Continual progression - in a biological sense - is unnatural. There is a natural ebb and flow, push and pull, death and rebirth to life and to business. We want to grow - in all senses of the word - but we allow ourselves to change tempo, experiment, be fluid.


Quarterly cycles, driven by demand.

> We design and develop 1 unit per quarter

A unit = a functional selection of 1-3 garments/accessories that work dangerously well together for that season of work-life.

> You pay a 50% deposit to pre-order

meaning you can spread the cost that comes with investing in a quality item.

> We pay the factory and tell them the exact amount to produce

allowing us to take a responsible, zero-waste approach and reducing our inventory risk.

> You receive the item, 7-9 weeks later

and love it forever, and ever, amen.