kr is run by me, Shope Delano. Founded in 2022, we're based in London and work in collaboration with responsible suppliers across Portugal, Italy and Japan.

Between 2023 and early 2024, Natalia Barros Vives was our co-founder and co-creative director. Her creativity and insight was foundational and invaluable, and it was a joy to work in partnership with her.

what we think

Work extends beyond the professional. It’s the personal, the interpersonal, the political.

Life is work. And it’s ever-evolving.

The demands of daily life are constantly growing and shifting. Navigating them, with ease and joy, requires one very simple idea.

Self-definition. Read the viral open letter that started it all here.

what we do

We’re on a mission to create a wardrobe for life’s work, and document its realities through honest conversations.

Our garments are defined by versatility. We design with fluidity for work, life and everything in between.

Our conversations are led by curiosity. We ask people from all walks of life one big question - what works for you? - and document their answers.

how we do it

We’re inspired by simplicity - and the infinite possibilities that arise from it. We, as individuals, bring garments to life through our bodies and routines.

We work exclusively with deadstock fabrics, using pre-orders to manage waste and overproduction.

Community is not a ‘buzzword’ but our foundation - we were born out of and continue to be nurtured by our friends of kr.